Team Overview & Organization

TThe F$M project is complete and the team is no longer active. It was a collaboration of groups, operating from the strategic level to the more tactical level. The major components of the F$M Team were:

The Core F$M Project Team (Orange on the Org Chart)

A core team of dedicated staff from the Lab’s Chief Financial Office (OCFO), and Systems Integrator partner, Accenture. The F$M Core Team was responsible for the design and implementation of the F$M Project.

The F$M Change Network (Green on the Org Chart)

A broad spectrum of employees who served as liaisons for the F$M Project to the wider Lab community, and helped prepare the Lab for successful implementation.

The Lab’s Existing Councils (Blue on the Org Chart)

The F$M Team also coordinated with the Lab’s Existing Councils such as the Laboratory Support Advisory Council (LSAC), Division Business Council (DBC), Resource Management Leadership Council (RMLC) -- to facilitate communication about the F$M Project.

Organizational Chart

F$M Org Chart