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F$M Demos in September: LabTech, Cafeteria, and Offsite Locations

Get a sneak preview of what's coming in October: changes to LETS, Cost Browser, eBuy, and a new online tool that provides a snapshot of project budgets. See the schedule of demos below.  

LabTech: 9/10/14 (Wed):
Training Session 1pm-1:25p, B70-191
Tabling in Tent ~1:30-4:30pm

LabTech Website: View

Planned F$M Open House Schedule:
September 16 (Tues) - Cafeteria: Lunchtime
September 17 (Wed) – JBEI: 2pm-3pm (978-4254 South Conference Rm)
September 18 (Thurs) – Potter Street 12-1pm (Gray Auditorium)
September 23 (Tues) - Cafeteria: Lunchtime
September 24 (Wed) – JGI: 3pm-4pm
September 25 (Thurs) - Cafeteria: Lunchtime

F$M All-Hands

The last Quarterly F$M All-Hands Meeting before Go-Live was held Wednesday, August 12th. It was followed by an "Open House" in the cafeteria to provide some hands-on demonstrations of some new functionality with time entry, eBuy, and Reporting.

F$M All-Hands Presentation: Download

Watch Video from COO Glenn Kubiak

Listen to Glenn Kubiak, the Lab’s Chief Operating Officer, discuss the role of F$M in our Lab Strategic Initiatives, and the importance of getting prepared!
| Watch the Video (2:02)|

Training Update

Reminder that a number of F$M courses are already available online. Everyone is encouraged to take the relevant training early, and to sign up for and take additional training as it becomes available, so you can pace yourself over the coming months. Visit the F$M classes page for more information about training courses, including required courses by role.

June Demo Schedule

See the new financial processes in action! Click a link below to view the videos and slides. Those unfamiliar with the Lab’s Financial Systems Modernization (F$M) project are highly encouraged to watch the F$M Introduction Session.

See what other online training and demos are already available [LDAP login]. Additional training will start in July.



(All in B50 Aud.)


Download PPT / View Video*

6/3/2014 9:00 - 10:00 F$M Introduction Session with CFO Kim Williams** Video | PPT
6/3/2014 10:30 - 12:00 eSRA and PeopleSoft Integration Video | PPT
6/4/2014 1:00 - 2:30 Guidance & Funding Video | PPT
6/4/2014 3:00 - 3:45 Resource Adjustments Video | PPT
6/10/2014 9:00 - 10:30 ePro Requisitions Video | PPT
6/10/2014 11:00 - 11:30 eBuy Video | PPT
6/10/2014 11:30 - 12:00 PCard Video | PPT


Detailed Schedule:   View   |  Download 

*Some video links will request your name and division.

**Please Note: For this video, the recording quality makes some of the slides difficult to read. Please download the PPT for a full copy of the slides.

What Does it Mean for You?

Learn about the changes coming, how it will impact you, how you can engage and learn more.

What Does it Mean for You: View

F$M All-Hands

The Quarterly F$M All-Hands Meeting was held Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 10:00am in the Building 50 Auditorium. By popular demand it was live streamed, including in the Aspen Conference Room.


F$M All-Hands Presentation: Download

Service Technologies for Science Presentation: Download

| Watch the Video (51 min) |

New LETS Time Entry Demo

Did you know that time entry will be a bit different this fall? While the LETS system isn’t changing, it will be modified to integrate with the new Financial System. Watch a sneak preview here (LDAP required).

Spring Training

This spring, watch for early F$M training opportunities, such as PeopleSoft 9.2 Navigation basics, and an overview of the new Financial Data Architecture. These will be available to everyone via eLearning, and when available, links will be posted on the Training page.


Midway Through Build

As we are midway through the build stage of the project, the Tech Team is hard at work building and configuring the new system. OCFO central staff are working on cleaning up existing data. And our Field Operations staff are working on developing the mapping for their new project trees.

F$M Quarterly All-Hands Meeting

The F$M Quarterly All-Hands Meeting will be held Wednesday, January 15 from 10:30am-12pm, in the Building 50 Auditorium. We also plan to stream it in the Aspen Conference Room at OCFO in Emeryville. There will be an optional tour of the Molecular Foundry following the meeting.

  • Activities of last Quarter

  • What’s happening now: System Build

  • What’s coming up: Raising Awareness, Conversion, Testing, Early Training, Reporting

  • Q&A (Note: You can submit questions ahead of time through the Feedback Form.)

Download the Presentation |

| Watch the Video (1 hr 20 min) |

Conference Room Pilots (PeopleSoft Demos)

In December, the F$M Team delivered a Conference Room Pilot (CRP), a series of workshops to demonstrate some of the delivered PeopleSoft 9.2 functionality. It was an opportunity for the financial community to see the 'look and feel' of the new system and ask questions. Videos of the demos and copies of the presentations & screenshots are posted on the F$M Website (LDAP required).

We will have a second CRP in late spring, after system build is complete, to demonstrate some customized elements of the new system.

Survey Respondents — Thank You!

In early November, a random selection of the Lab community received an anonymous survey about F$M. We had a response rate of over 30% overall, so thank you to all who responded! Candid responses to the survey help us improve communications and support project success. This was a baseline survey, and as anticipated, awareness about F$M across the Lab is fairly low. In the coming months we will be working with the Lab’s leaders and managers to begin communicating more about F$M. In addition, we will be repeating the survey periodically throughout the project, so don’t miss the opportunity to make your voice heard! In the meantime, you can always submit questions or anonymous comments through the F$M website.

F$M Currently in Building Stage

Programmers are currently building the new financial system in PeopleSoft. System testing is scheduled to begin in April.  Learn more about the F$M project stages.

New Data Architecture

See a preview of improved New Data Architecture (LDAP Required).

F$M FAQs Posted

Have questions about F$M? Check out the new FAQs posted on the F$M website! Have a question that's not listed? Submit it on the comment form!

System Design Status Update

F$M is near completion on system design (learn more about F$M Project Stages). The Reporting Team has finished analyzing requirements, and is now finalizing the data elements needed for the four major data components: Costs, Funding, Planning, and Procurement. In December, Service Area Team members and representatives of the financial community will participate in several “Conference Room Pilots”, demos of a selection of delivered functionality from the new PeopleSoft 9.2 platform.

3rd Quarterly All-Hands Meeting and ALS Tour

ALS TourThe 3rd F$M Quarterly All-Hands Meeting was held on October 23rd. Those in attendance included the core F$M Project Team, Service Area and Tech Team members, Stakeholder Committee & Division Business Council, Glenn Kubiak (COO), and Paul Lavery & Young Kim from Accenture's management team. The meeting focused on the engagement needed from the extended project team over the next 11 months on System Configuration, Conference Room Pilots, Reporting, Testing, and Training. After the meeting, a large group of attendees enjoyed connecting with the Lab's world class science during an ALS tour led by Division Deputy Banda.

| Download the Presentation |

What's Happening in F$M?

F$M Starting the Build Stage: Much of the designing for F$M is complete, and programmers are beginning to build the new financial system in PeopleSoft. Learn more about the F$M project stages.

F$M Independent Review a Success! On September 12 and 13, as part of standard practice, there was an Independent Review of the F$M project. The purpose was to leverage outside expertise for objective evaluation and recommendations to strengthen the project. The reviewers were very complimentary of the project management, organization, content, and team, and their formal report provided recommendations to support the project’s success.

Kathy Day Transitioning to F$M Project Administrator Position: Kathy Day will be transitioning out of her current role in Conference Services (CS) and into the Project Administrator role for F$M, as CS fills a new CS Analyst position. Ellen Thomas will be filling in during the transition period. Welcome Kathy!

What's Happening in F$M?

F$M Reporting Scope Approved!  The F$M Reporting team conducted numerous interviews and gathered and analyzed over 600 reporting artifacts from across the Lab. From that analysis, they developed and validated a scope for the future state of Financial systems reporting. Effective reporting will be a crucial piece of the new financial systems, and the entire Reporting scope has been approved.

F$M Proposed Reporting Tool Demos!  Watch videos that demonstrate the capabilities of the powerful proposed reporting tools. LDAP login required.

Reporting Demos (LDAP login)|

F$M Independent Review Scheduled for September 12 & 13: As part of standard project management practice, there will be an Independent Review of the F$M project held on September 12 & 13, 2013. The purpose of the review is to leverage outside expertise for objective evaluation and recommendations on the project.  


Join the F$M Brown Bag Lunch & Games: To foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, the F$M team invites all OCFO to join the next brown-bag lunch / game hour. Mark your calendar!  Wednesday, October 9, 12pm - 1pm in 971-Maize conference room.

2nd Quarterly All-Hands

The Second Quarterly All-Hands Meeting of the F$M Team was held on Wednesday, July 24th. Those in attendance included the F$M Project Team, Service Area Team members, and Stakeholder Committee members. Kim Williams (CFO & Project Director), Glenn Kubiak (COO), and Brad Gladstone (Accenture's North America Public Sector PeopleSoft Lead) also attended and gave their remarks.

| Download the Presentation |

Moving into System Design; Monthly Game Lunch; TABL Article

The F$M Project is Moving into System Design. The System Design stage of F$M involves developing detailed instructions for programmers to build the new financial system in PeopleSoft. The scope for the new system is being determined following the F$M project governance, and is nearly complete, with the requirements for Reporting to be finalized in August.

Join the Monthly Brown Bag Lunch & Games: To foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, the F$M team has begun a monthly brown-bag lunch & game hour. All OCFO staff are invited join. Mark your calendar for the next Game Hour:  August 14, 12pm - 1pm in 971-Maize conference room.

F$M Featured on TABL: Did you catch the July 10th TABL article on F$M? Read it here.

Meet Our New F$M F$M team Members: Welcome Eileen Nasto as as the new Berkeley Lab Buying/Paying Lead, and Laura Ittner as the new Accenture General Ledger Lead.

Article Published in TABL: Proposals, Purchases, Reporting to Get Easier With Launch of FSM

The Financial Systems Modernization (F$M) project is re-engineering the Lab’s financial systems, services, and processes, improving and streamlining the way research management, including proposals, purchasing, and reporting are conducted. The project team is a group of experienced Berkeley Lab staff and skilled Accenture staff, in partnership with diverse representation from across all of the Lab’s divisions. The initial launch of the new systems and processes is scheduled for Oct. 1, 2014. What does this mean for you? Learn more at [ See TABL article here ]

What's Happening in F$M?

F$M Analyze Activities Close to Completion, Some Functional Design Activities Starting: The F$M Team and the Service Area Teams have completed mapping the new and improved end-to-end business processes and collecting business requirements for all the Service Areas.  DOE, WFO, Buying/Paying, Effort Accounting, and Travel & Conferences have completed their validation sessions, with DOE and WFO starting to move into design activities.  Lastly, the Reporting group will be validating the functional requirements through the end of June with a representative group of stakeholders.


Newly Redesigned F$M Website: We invite you to peruse the newly redesigned F$M website, and tell us what you think. Use the site as your regular source of key information and new updates about F$M. The site is best viewed in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 10. Still have questions or comments about F$M? Visit the F$M Contact Us page to submit them. 


New F$M Project Administrator Nick Franscioni: We welcome Nick Franscioni as the new F$M Project Administrator. Nick will provide central F$M project support related to logistics and project coordination. Nick is a recent grad from the University of Southern California with a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration, and joined Accenture’s San Francisco Office in April.


Meet Our New F$M Team Members: We also extend our welcome to Jeryle Tauto-an, Zack Keys, and Talia La Rosa from Accenture as the new members of the F$M Team. Jeryle is the Lead PeopleSoft Developer for F$M,  Zack Keys is transitioning into Jason Jacobs’ role as Work for Others Lead, and Talia takes over from Kevin Conway as Reporting Lead.

Processes Being Validated, F$M Website Redesign in Progress, New Team Members

Processes that have been reviewed and validated to date include:  Travel and Conferences, WFO, General Accounting, and DOE. The F$M Team has been working diligently with each Service Area Team to map new and improved business end-to-end processes in each Service Area.  The processes are reviewed and validated by both OCFO service providers and a representative group of divisional stakeholders for the service area. Processes that have been reviewed and validated to date include:  Travel and Conferences, WFO, General Accounting, and DOE. Remaining end-to-end processes to be validated are Buying/Paying and Effort Accounting  A special thanks to the Service Area Teams and other contributors for their support and dedication in ensuring that the new processes satisfy the Lab’s short-term and long-term needs.


The F$M website is being revamped for you. The F$M Team is teaming up with Maria Atkinson to redesign the website to include clearer and more relevant content for you.  Is there something you’d like to see on the F$M website? We’d like to hear from you!  Fill out the Comments form in F$M Contact Us page and share your suggestions.


Meet the team. Welcome Thomas Chen, Joseph Agabin, and Ray Baez as the new members of the Core Project Team.


Who's Working on F$M and New Comment Form

The Financial Systems Modernization (F$M) project has approached the General Design phase, which began on April 1, 2013 and will culminate with the Global Design Deliverable on July 5, 2013. Global Design is a comprehensive documentation that will guide the development and implementation of the new financial systems and processes.  Learn more by visiting the F$M Project site. 
Who’s working on F$M? In addition to the Core Project Team from OCFO and Accenture, there are several Service Area Teams organized by OCFO service line, and comprised of staff from across the Lab. Many thanks to the Service Area Team members for their continued input and support.
Do you have comments, questions, or suggestions regarding F$M? We’d like to hear from you. Visit our F$M Contact Us page and fill out our new Comments form. Entering your name is optional. A special thanks to Sally Nasman for suggesting this feature. Do you have other suggestions? Try out the form!


Quarterly All-Hands Held on March 13th

The first Quarterly All-Hands meeting of the F$M Team was held on Wednesday, March 13. The Financial Systems Modernization (F$M) project is currently in the Analyze & Design phase, which is scheduled to conclude in July with the completion of Global Design. Global Design is a comprehensive documentation that will guide the development and implementation of the new financial systems and processes.

| Download the Presentation |


Phase II Kicked Off on February 4th!

Phase II of the Financial Systems Modernization (F$M) project was officially kicked off on February 4th, with a workshop attended by project leads from OCFO and the selected Systems Integrator, Accenture. The F$M Project Team, organized around the OCFO Service Areas, is a partnership between OCFO and Accenture. The Accenture team will be working onsite with their OCFO counterparts, located in the mezzanine of Building 971 at 6401 Hollis St. The Accenture Team has been added to the Project Team document, to help you put names to the new faces you may be seeing in Building 971.           

One of the first outcomes of F$M Phase II is the development of a global design with re-engineered business processes, and the team has begun reviewing functional requirements and business process flows. In addition to the Project Team, each member of OCFO plays a role in contributing to the success of the F$M project, and enhancing the OCFO’s contributions to the Lab’s scientific mission. For questions about the F$M Project, please contact us at

| Download the Presentation |

Phase II is Proceeding!

Dr. Alivisatos has approved proceeding with Phase II of the Financial Systems Modernization (F$M) project.  After extensive evaluation, the OCFO Buying Team selected Accenture as the Systems Integrator who will partner with us to deliver F$M.  Accenture brings extensive knowledge of the PeopleSoft solution, industry best practices, change management, and will help us leverage our internal subject matter expertise efficiently and effectively.
Project Team organized around the OCFO Service Areas has been developed and we are in the process of staffing work teams for each of the Service Areas.  A Project Council has been established to provide input and guidance to the team and includes: Rachelle Jeppson, Chuck Axthelm, Becky Cornett, Mark Dedlow, Ray Turner, Helen Cademartori, and Kim Williams in her role as Project Director. Additionally, a F$M Stakeholder Committee is currently being assembled, with memberships from each ALD area, and will include both operational and scientific representation.
F$M Phase II starts immediately with a six month Global Design effort that covers all of the F$M project scope and includes redesigning the Lab’s Financial Data Architecture.  Upon completion of Global Design, the team will begin re-implementing our core financial processes, including Project Costing, General Ledger, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Grants, Billing, and Accounts Receivable, with Go-Live estimated for early FY15.  Additional functionality related to Time and Labor, Payroll, Travel, Asset Management and additional Procurement functionality would be part of an optional sub-phase that would be released in FY16.
The F$M Project Team will be primarily located in Emeryville, but will continue to maintain additional workspace on The Hill in order to facilitate access to all of the project stakeholders. This will likely put additional strain on the resources and amenities in building 971, and the Project Team asks for your patience as we transition space and work to resolve these issues.
As Kim stated in her official project announcement last week: “F$M will help reshape how we deliver services and information to the Laboratory community, while effectively meeting our stewardship responsibilities”.  The F$M Project Team is looking forward to working with you on this exciting opportunity to enhance the OCFO’s contributions to the Lab’s scientific mission.  We will continue to update you on the progress of the F$M project in the coming weeks. For questions about the F$M Project, please contact us at