FY14 Blackout Information

This page is included for archival purposes.

The Lab transitioned to a new financial system on 10/1/14. See the Year End Close Wiki for more detailed information about Year-end Close.

Blackout Calendar

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Black Out Calendar

What is a blackout period?

A period between the year-end cut-off date and the start of the new fiscal year, when the system will be read-only and new activities cannot be started. This year’s cut-off dates are similar to those in prior years. However, this year, after the cut-offs, you will not be able to enter transactions to count towards next fiscal year.

Why are we having blackout periods?
It is standard practice during a system implementation to allow for the transition from the old system to the new system. The blackouts will be necessary this year only.

Blackout Details

Procurement | Travel | AP | Payroll  | eSRA

ePRO – September 2 is the last day to submit an approved ePRO requisition to Procurement.

PCard – September 16 is the last day to place a divisional PCard order.

eRFIC, Invoices, & Vendor PaymentsSeptember 15 is the last day to submit an invoice or eRFIC. September 17 is the last day to certify an invoice or approve an eRFIC. All vendor invoices received by September 15, and approved/certified/matched by September 17, will be paid by September 19, regardless of their payment date. No payments will be made between September 20-30. More info >>

eBUY – September 19 is the last day to make a purchase through eBuy.

During the blackout periods Procurement will have a process for critical purchases. More info >>

Blankets (e.g. B2B) – orders can continue to be placed directly with suppliers through the Procurement blackout periods.

Travel Reimbursement – September 10 is the last day to submit approved, completed expense reports for payment. TREX will be shutdown from September 19-24. More info >>

Time Entry – September 19 will be the final LETs sweep, and LETs will be unavailable until October 2. More info >>